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Phone: 919-681-7231

Clinical Services


Life can be painful, and it is completely natural to try to escape that pain. However, ​when life becomes about getting rid of painful thoughts and feelings, it can be less vital and less meaningful. ACT is a contemporary cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) that helps individuals let go of the struggle with painful thoughts and feelings; so that they may choose actions based on deeply held personal values. 


ACT-based clinical services are available at the Duke Clinic (Duke South) located at 40 Medicine Circle, off of Trent Drive in Durham NC. Treatment is provided by Dr. Merwin (a recognized ACT trainer), other core ACT at Duke faculty, and individuals under Dr. Merwin's direct supervision. Therapists are trained to a high standard of competency in ACT. A description of services offered is provided below. Additional information regarding fee structure and insurance can be found in the Welcome Packet. 


ACT at Duke Appointment Line: 919-681-7231

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

In the Media

| Time Magazine, 2006

Treatment Modalities


Individual ACT Therapy
Individual therapy is available for children, adolescents and adults interested in being treated using the ACT model. Sessions are typically weekly but can vary based on the presenting problem. Areas of specialization include eating, anxiety and mood disorders.​

ACT Group Therapy
Groups based on the ACT model are provided on a rotating basis to meet participant demand. Group topics include: ACT with body image, Taking ACTion (a values clarification group), and Living a vital life with diabetes.

ACT-Oriented Family-Based Treatment
This model of intervention allows the whole family to be treated as a unit with collective and individual values, and shared and personal barriers to behaving consistently with those values.  This treatment can be delivered in regular, ongoing sessions or in a week intensive format for families who are out of town or state.​


ACT-Informed Couples Therapy

The ACT model, when applied to couples, seeks to foster acceptance and increase intimacy through a shared experience of values exploration and the identification of ineffective interpersonal patterns of behavior. Using the ACT model, couples will increase their ability and willingness to address their individual barriers to change.  



Materials for New and Returning Clients

The following link provides welcome materials for new and returning clients. If you have additional questions, or would like to talk to someone about whether or not ACT is right for you - use our contact form below, or call our main office at 919-681-7231.


          ACT at Duke Welcome Packet 



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