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Phone: 919-681-7231

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ACT at Duke colleagues offer trainings all over the country. To register for an event, click the link on the home page calendar. If for some reason we have not posted a link on the calendar this could be because the host of the training has not provided it to us yet. We try to announce trainings as early as possible, and sometimes they have not yet be announced to the public. 

If the event is coming up soon, feel free to contact us and we will get you where you need to be.



Community Consultation Group

Monthly Meeting

The ACT at Duke Community Consultation group began in 2015 and is open to anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge of the ACT model. The consultation group is held regularly, the first Wednesday of each month. 



Bay C, Erwin Mill

Durham NC 27710

TIME: 9:00 am - 10:30 am

DATE: 1st Wednesday of each month


If you are interested in attending, please register via email letting us know you would like to attend ashley.moskovich@duke.edu

How do I register for an upcoming training that is listed on the calendar?


Can I make an appointment to come in for therapy?

Of course! Our providers are trained clinicians who see clients with a wide range of presenting concerns. We have a team of professionals who work with children and adolescents, families, couples, and individuals. 

While many members of our clinical team have specialties in the area of eating disorders, we do not work exclusively with those who have ED's. 

To learn more about our team, go here .

To learn more about our clinical program, go here

To contact us directly, go here


Looking for Materials?

If you recently attended an event and would like to download copies of handouts and other materials, visit our Resource Room here.