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Phone: 919-681-7231

ACT at Duke Core Clinic Staff and Faculty

Rhonda M. Merwin, PhD

Email. rhonda.merwin@duke.edu

Phone. 919.681.7231


Dr. Merwin is the Director of the ACT at Duke Program. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke and a Licensed Psychologist. Dr. Merwin trained under Kelly G. Wilson (co-founder of ACT) and is a peer-reviewed ACT trainer. She conducts trainings nationally and internationally, and leads an independent, externally-funded research program. See more of Dr. Merwin's full biography...


Lisa K. Honeycutt, LPC, LMFTA

Email. lisa.honeycutt@duke.edu

Phone. 919-684-0353

Mobile: 919-316-9465

Lisa K. Honeycutt, LPC, LMFTA serves dual roles as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate, and a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) at Duke University Medical Center. Lisa has been with ACT at Duke since 2009. Lisa specializes in Marriage and Family Therapy and is currently a PhD candidate at Northcentral University (NCU) where her emphasis of study is Medical Family Therapy. 



Ashley A. Moskovich, PhD

Email. ashley.moskovich@duke.edu

Phone. 919-668-0326


Dr. Moskovich is a Medical Instructor at Duke University Medical Center. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior and earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Duke University in 2014. During her graduate training, Dr. Moskovich trained  under the combined mentorship of Dr. Nancy Zucker and Dr. Rhonda Merwin. She enjoys working with adolescents and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, eating difficulties and adjustment to or complications associated with medical illness.  

2018-2019 ACT at Duke

Clinical Interns and Residents

Taylor (Jack) Brooks

Jack Brooks is a PhD candidate in the Clinical Psychology program at Duke University.

Christina Hopkins

Christina Hopkins is a PhD candidate in the Clinical Psychology program at Duke University.

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Nicole Helmke, MD

Dr. Nicole Helmke is a psychiatry resident at Duke University Medical Center.

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Associated Faculty

Jennifer Plumb-Vilardaga, PhD

Dr. Plumb Vilardaga is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and a Licensed Psychologist. She received her Ph.D. at the University of Nevada-Reno under the mentorship of Steven C. Hayes, co-founder of ACT and is a peer-reviewed ACT trainer. Dr. Plumb Vilardaga has clinical expertise in chronic pain, substance use disorders, PTSD and trauma recovery, anxiety, depression, coping with illness, and adjusting to disability. She enjoys working with adults, college students, veterans, and LGBTQ individuals.

Research and Clinical Associates 

Heather Batchelder, MA

Heather Batchelder received her MA in Clinical Psychology master's student at Appalachian State University. Under the mentorship of Dr. Denise Martz at Appalachian State, she has conducted research concerning how a history of interpersonal violence can increase risk for poor body image and eating disorder symptoms amongst rural youth. Heather's clinical and research interests include understanding how cultural identity can impact perception of eating concerns and dating violence, and incorporation of the ACT model into interventions for young adults struggling with eating disorders and negative body image. 

Jan Mooney, MA

Jan obtained her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pfeiffer University, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFTA). She is currently working on developing her clinical and research knowledge to prepare for future graduate work in Clinical Psychology.

Her research and clinical interests include: eating disorders, anxiety, body image, and the context of the family system. 

2016-2017 ACT at Duke

Clinical Interns and Residents

ACT at Duke Former

Practicum Participants

Hadia Shafi, MD; Zainab Malik, MD;  Allison Meyer, MA; Elizabeth Gilbert, MD; Thai Nguyen, MD; Cecilia Ordonez, MD; Jacob Feigal, MD; Paul Riordan, MD; Lauren Isbell, MD 

Clinical Psychology Graduate Students

Ashley Moskovich (2009-2013)

Lori Buhi (2011-2012)

Pamela Buck (2012-2013)

Dina Gohar (2013-2014)

Elena Davis (2013-2014)

Karmel Wong (2013-2014)

Anavanessa Wren (2013-2014)

Allison Detloff (2014-2015)

Jessica West (2015-2016)

Allison Meyer (2016-2017)

Katherine (Kibby) McMahon (2017-2018)

Taylor Jackson (2017-2018)


Clinical Psychology Interns

Tory Eisenlohr-Moul (2013-2014)

Ann Haynos (2014-2015)

Psychiatry Residents and Fellows

Omer Aslam, MD (2010-2011)

Joseph Crozier, MD, PhD (2011-2012)

Jarrod Kiddoe, MD (2012-2013)

Norman Litchfield, MD (2012-2014)

Amy Leung, MD (2012-2013)

Behrouz Namdari, MD (2012-2014)

Jennifer Holton, MD (2012-2013)

Tapsi Dayanand, MD (2013-2014)

Robert F Bahnsen Jr., MD (2014-2016)

Yupei "Pearl" Hu, MD (2014-2016)

Kathleen Dunlap, MD (2015-2016)

Joshua Briscoe, MD (2015-2016)

James Lefler, MD (2015-2016)

Hadia Shafi, MD (2016-2017)

Zainab Malik, MD (2016-2017)

Elizabeth Gilbert, MD (2016-2017)

Thai Nguyen, MD (2016-2017)

Cecilia Ordonoz, MD (2016-2017)

Jacob Feigel, MD (2016-2017)

Lauren Isbell, MD (2016-2017)

Paul Riordan, MD (2016-2018)

Sarah Nelson, MD (2017-2018)

Brian Wasserman, MD (2017-2018)

Other Professionals

Lisa Honeycutt, LPC (2012-2015)

Marissa Howard, LCSW (2012-2014)

Joshua Harris, LCSW (2012-2013)

Rachel Clark, LCSW (2013-2015)

Christine Tew, LPC (2013-2015)

Laura Weisberg, PhD (2014-2015)

Pat Gammon, PhD (2014-2015)

Karen Wells, PhD (2014-2015)



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