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Lisa says: "Don't under estimate the power of sitting down and reading a classic ACT text!" Visit our resource room for a list of other books Lisa loves! And don't forget to check-out the Lisa Learning blog for discussion of ACT self-study!

TOP 5 places to find excellent ACT Training, some without ever leaving your house

We are often asked questions by current students, and current treatment providers, who are interested in learning ACT. One of the most popular questions is: where can I find good training experiences?

First, make sure you check out our RESOURCE ROOM for our recommendations on texts and other resources that we love. But because the internet loves lists, here are the TOP 5 places to visit for excellent ACT Training.

1. ACBS Association of Contextual and Behavioral Sciences: Start Here!

The ACBS website is the first place anyone interested in learning about ACT should go. To have access to all of the materials you will need to become a member, and membership is quite reasonable compared with most professional organizations. On this website you will have access to:

  • Listservs in your area of interest. Do you want to know about what is happening with children and families in the ACT community? What about RFT research? There are other professionals that share their interests and expertise here.

  • Resources galore! Would you like to review powerpoint presentations from your colleagues latest training? What about a research protocol that is being conducted in another country. There are resources for just about every question you could ask to be found!

  • Find other professionals. You can easily find other ACT trainers and professionals in your area or region to collaborate with here. 

2. ACT at Duke, of course!

Dr. Merwin and the ACT at Duke Team offer frequent workshop trainings across the country, and the world! 

  • ACT at Duke Trainings  are typically full day or full 2-day workshops. Our trainings are offered at a variety of levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced ACT practitioners. 

  • ACT at Duke also hosts a monthly community consultation group in Durham, NC for providers in the area. 


You can access a current list of trainings here, or by looking at the calendar of events on our home page.

3. The ACBS World Conference

4. ACT Boot Camp and other Praxis Training Events

Yes, we have already mentioned ACBS, but the ACBS World Conference deserves it's own special listing. This conference offers a virtual treasure trove of learning opportunities for any researcher, practitioner or general nerds of contextual and behavioral science! It is a DO NOT MISS!

5. The World Wide Web

There are numerous trainings in ACT offered through the Praxis Training website, including the amazing opportunity to interact with ACT Founders in the ACT Boot Camp!

The ACT community is growing, and as a result, access to resources is growing right along with it. You will find resources in places like social media, and a wealth of videos and trainings on YouTube. 

The founders of ACT all have their own unique websites. Dr. Steven C. Hayes provides resources, personal reflection, and ideas that spark research within the field. Dr. Kelly G. Wilson, a lover of all things social media (you can find him on Facebook), shares his thoughts on his website and offers current training links. Dr. Kirk D. Strosahl focuses his work in the field of Primary Care medicine and has a multitude of resources focusing on brief ACT interventions in this setting. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has it's very own place on YouTube, as does psychotherapist Russ Harris who is well known for texts like ACT Made Simple