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Committed Action

Guide your actions towards your values!

Committed Action



Fork In The Road

You face MANY MANY choices every day. Some of these choices move us towards our values and some of these choices move us away. In this moment, you are likely facing a choice - a fork in the road, and you will face another in the next moments to come (and across the days of your life). What would it be like to choose the valued path here and now? 


The Next Choice

We make thousands of choices a day, but all we have is the NEXT one. Take this opportunity to connect with your values and choose what you want to do in this moment.


Check In

Sometimes feelings are trying to communicate with you. Does the feeling that You are having give you a clue about what you need? If so, take action in the direction of your true north to meet that need. Feeling lonely? Call a friend, send a text or email, go to an event... 


Stop Wasting Energy

Consider how much time and effort is going toward avoiding feelings. What would it be like to stop wasting energy on avoiding pain, and instead channel it into things that you care about? 


Moving Towards Values

Take a moment to think about your values -- what you want your life to stand for. How can you express your values right now, in this moment?


Inventory of Barriers

In this moment, ask yourself…what is standing between me, my values and the ACTions I have committed to? Thoughts? Feelings? See if you can take an inventory, one-by-one acknowledging their presence and connecting to your freedom to choose. 


Friends With Emotion

If we can make friends with uncertainty, anxiety, sadness, guilt, we can go anywhere we choose. We don’t have to hide out or live in a small space in our lives. Practice gently holding hands with your experience and taking a step towards where you want to go. 

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