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Present Moment

Be attuned as to what is happing right now, in this present moment!



Mindful to Breath

Take a moment to close your eyes and focus on the feeling of your own breath. This is you: a living, breathing human being. You. Here. Now. If thoughts show up, see if you can observe them as simply internal experiences - experiences in this moment, and gently return to the breath. 


Grounding For 5

When experiencing an urge or distressing feeling, look around you and name 5 colors, 5 sounds, 5 things you can touch, 5 things you can taste, and 5 things you can smell. 


Drop The Anchor

Push your feet hard into the floor, feel the ground beneath you. Now, sit up in your chair and notice how you’re sitting. Look around the room and notice what you can see and hear. Now take 3 deep breaths and see if you can send them down into your feet.  Keep your feet firmly pressed into the floor.  Notice how your mind keeps trying to pull you somewhere else and see if you can stay present. Let the thoughts go and stay anchored here in the moment. 


Just Laugh

Laugh. Even if that’s hard. Just the act of laughing about something, anything can break that spinning out of control feeling.


Jedi Grounding

Take ten slow deep breaths.  Focus on breathing as slow as possible.  Fill your lungs completely and notice the sensation of your lungs emptying. Let any thoughts that show up come and go, as if they’re just cars, driving by outside your house. Now expand your awareness and look around the room and notice what you can see, hear smell touch and feel. 

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