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Community Consultation Participants

Mary Hill, UNC Eating Disorders Program

Marianne Buchanan, UNC Cystic Fibrosis

Sara Freeman, Mood Treatment Center (Greensboro)

Sean Moffitt, Student

Amanda Seavey, Clarity Psychological Wellness 

Jennifer Funaro, Clarity Psychological Wellness

John Mader, Private Practice (Chapel Hill)

Andrew Shaw, Community Counseling, Education and Research Center

Jenna Best,

Kathy Eden, Private Practice (Carrboro)

Tina Siragusa, Private Practice (Chapel Hill) 

Janis (Jan) Davis

Lori Ebert, Private Practice (Durham)

Monica Mann-Wrobel, Private Practice,

Jean Hamilton,

Andrea Bowen, Private Practice (Durham), Duke Hospice and Bereavement

Holly Yates, Private Practice (Raleigh)

Dana DePietro, Care coordinator, Duke Adult Outpatient Psychiatry

Miriam Ehrensaft, Duke Child and Adolescent/Early Adult Psychology

Katrina Martin, Refugee Wellness,

Justine Grosso, Private Practice (Durham)

Jaimie Lunsford, UNC-G Psychology Clinic

Suzanne Bates, Private Practice (Chapel Hill)

Matt Case, Private Practice (Chapel Hill)

Lisa Honeycutt, Duke Adult Outpatient Psychiatry & Healthy Lifestyles

Josh Harris, Duke Child Development and Behavioral Health

Rachel David (2015-2016)

Pat Roos (2015-2016)

Christine D. Tew (2015-2016)