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ACT at Duke
Monthly Online Community Discussion Group 

The ACT at Duke Community Discussion Group meets monthly to discuss a variety of topics related to the practice of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Any NC student or practitioner in the field psychology or related helping disciplines is welcome to participate. We come together to discuss cases, strategies, conceptualizations, as well as personal struggles, and commitments. 

Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month from 10:00am - 11:00am


Topics for discussion include, but are not limited to:

· ACT case formulation ·

· ACT core processes, strategies and techniques ·

· Application of ACT to particular clinical presentations ·

· Application of ACT to the clinician ·

· Using contextual behavioral science to solve public health or global problems ·

All participants are required to indicate their degree and affiliation and sign a Shared Values Statement (below).

Sign Up Here:

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Shared Values Statement


We come together as a group of individuals interested in helping others live their best lives, and creating a world that reflects our deepest values.


We use contextual behavioral science explicitly for the purpose of improving the human condition and for the greater good. 


We recognize that, at times, sensitive information or topics may emerge during our meeting.


We commit to a kind and respectful space.


We also commit to protect the confidentiality of all group members, and do not disclose information that we have been privy to.


We commit to protecting the identities of the individuals with whom we work, and do

not disclose any information that may personally identify our clients.


We understand that should we violate these core values, or if our behavior creates a hostile or uninviting environment, we may be asked to leave the group.


We recognize that we are response-able to create an experience that will serve us, and take personal ownership of our own learning and growth.


We aspire to relinquish a priori expectations and demands for the group.


We aspire to actively contribute (e.g. lead an exercise or a group session, provide a reading or discussion topic, present a case, share an experience), give and receive.


We aspire to bring ourselves fully; to be present and aware of our shared values and purpose.

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