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Participant Feedback

Seminars . Workshops . Supervision

"Dr. Merwin is a fantastic presenter. I learned a lot and have a lot more questions!"


"It was an amazing learning experience observing Rhonda Merwin demonstrate ACT during the 'real plays.'"


"Rhonda is an excellent presenter, the topic is vast. It really started sinking in about a day after the conference." 


"The speaker was really knowledgeable and flexible around requests for more information in particular areas or role plays. I felt like she had an excellent grasp on and ability to express the spirit of ACT and not just the features of the model." 

"Very knowledgeable and able to bring the information alive. The real plays were extremely powerful.


"I loved the experiential portion. It really showed how ACT played out."

"I valued her enthusiasm and knowledge of ACT, as well as her flexibility in following the interest of the group." 


"Dr. Merwin is a highly engaging, knowledgeable presenter. She inspired me to learn more."

"PLEASE!!! Have Dr. Merwin back for a 'next level course.'”

"Rhonda Merwin was an amazing presenter!!" 

"Dr. Merwin is great, very evidence-based, and uses a nice blend of clinical examples as well as didactic teaching."

"Excellent knowledge of ACT. Excellent supervision of psychotherapy patients. Cognizant of where learners may be in course of training."

"Dr. Merwin is an excellent teacher who relates the information to others on multiple levels."


"Amazing use of time in the seminar to provide experiential exercises with ACT practices."

"Highly enthusiastic, very receptive to questions, and available for meeting. She really knows the literature on cognitive/behavioral theory and in particular ACT."


"Excellent feedback. Constructive but not overly critical, and not watered down with compliments either. I respect Dr. Merwin immensely. She is an excellent role model and teacher/supervisor. She provides detailed feedback in real time, we use tape in class which is helpful."

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