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The ACT Practicum is a clinical rotation within the Duke Clinic of Duke University Medical Center. The practicum provides hands-on experience applying the ACT model to a variety of problems of living, including anxiety, depression and eating disorders in adolescents and adults. Practicum participants participate in a weekly ACT didactic and experiential learning session, group and individual supervision. The ACT rotation is available to ​Clinical Psychology PhD students in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University and Duke Psychiatry Residents.

Current Trainees

2019 - 2020


Angela Pisoni, PhD candidate, Duke University, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience

Jonathan Kosimar, MD, Medicine-Psychiatry Resident, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

M Imtiaz Mubbashar, MD, Psychiatry Resident, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Past Trainees

Before 2019


Clinical Psychology Graduate Students

Ashley Moskovich (2009-2013)

Lori Buhi (2011-2012)

Pamela Buck (2012-2013)

Dina Gohar (2013-2014)

Elena Davis (2013-2014)

Karmel Wong (2013-2014)

Anavanessa Wren (2013-2014)

Allison Detloff (2014-2015)

Jessica West (2015-2016)

Allison Meyer (2016-2017)

Katherine (Kibby) McMahon (2017-2018)

Taylor Jackson (2017-2018)


Clinical Psychology Interns

Tory Eisenlohr-Moul (2013-2014)

Ann Haynos (2014-2015)

Psychiatry Residents and Fellows

Omer Aslam, MD (2010-2011)

Joseph Crozier, MD, PhD (2011-2012)

Jarrod Kiddoe, MD (2012-2013)

Norman Litchfield, MD (2012-2014)

Amy Leung, MD (2012-2013)

Behrouz Namdari, MD (2012-2014)

Jennifer Holton, MD (2012-2013)

Tapsi Dayanand, MD (2013-2014)

Robert F Bahnsen Jr., MD (2014-2016)

Yupei "Pearl" Hu, MD (2014-2016)

Kathleen Dunlap, MD (2015-2016)

Joshua Briscoe, MD (2015-2016)

James Lefler, MD (2015-2016)

Hadia Shafi, MD (2016-2017)

Zainab Malik, MD (2016-2017)

Elizabeth Gilbert, MD (2016-2017)

Thai Nguyen, MD (2016-2017)

Cecilia Ordonoz, MD (2016-2017)

Jacob Feigel, MD (2016-2017)

Lauren Isbell, MD (2016-2017)

Paul Riordan, MD (2016-2018)

Sarah Nelson, MD (2017-2018)

Brian Wasserman, MD (2017-2018)

Other Professionals (Audited Practicum)

Lisa Honeycutt, LPC (2012-2015)

Marissa Howard, LCSW (2012-2014)

Joshua Harris, LCSW (2012-2013)

Rachel Clark, LCSW (2013-2015)

Christine Tew, LPC (2013-2015)

Laura Weisberg, PhD (2014-2015)

Pat Gammon, PhD (2014-2015)

Karen Wells, PhD (2014-2015)

Featured above: Practicum class 2016-2017

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