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Rhonda M. Merwin, PhD, Director

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Supervision in the ACT model is available on an individual contractual basis. Supervision is provided in ACT by Dr. Rhonda Merwin, a Peer-Reviewed ACT Trainer recognized by the Association of Contextual and Behavioral Science. Because ACT is transdiagnoststic, practitioners may be working with a variety of clinical problems. However, for some areas of practice, another supervisor may be more appropriate. This includes substance use and severe trauma, as well marital counseling. Dr. Merwin may be particularly well matched for supervision of cases involving anxiety, depression, eating disorders and psychological issues in the context of chronic illness (such as type 1 diabetes), and working with parents of children with these difficulties or other behavior problems (e.g., oppositional defiance).

For practitioners in NC, a monthly consultation team is also ongoing, although space is limited. 

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